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The Heatshot Unit is the effective and affordable solution for quickly clearing and cleaning snow, ice, bugs, bird drop
pings, road oil and more from windshields. Installed between the windshield washer fluid tank and the exterior spray nozzles, it heats and delivers hot wiper fluid on demand to your windshield via your vehicle’s factory installed washer system. Efficiently powered through your car’s battery, designed to limit windshield wiper wear and easy to install, it is an all-season option to save any driver time, money and trouble.

How it works

Heated wash technology explained.
The heated fluid windshield wash system operates in an on-demand mode method. The unit, easily installed in the tubing between the washer fluid tank and your vehicle’s exterior washer nozzles, starts to operate when the engine is switched on and battery voltage level is higher than 13 volts. Washer fluid inside its heating chamber will be heated to the predetermined temperature range (125° – 135°F) in approximately 30 seconds and kept at that temperature, so while the car is running there is always hot fluid inside the unit’s heating chamber which can be used for cleaning the windshield.Each time the driver activates the vehicle’s factory installed washer system, heated washer fluid is applied to the windshield for approximately the first three seconds of spray. Three seconds of the spray delivers approximately 50-60 cc of fluid, considered sufficient for most applications. As the heating chamber is emptied more fluid is immediately pumped into it, heated and is available in 10-20 seconds (depending on ambient conditions). The driver can spray as many times as he or she wants, with best results achieved when time intervals between heated sprays are staggered at 20 second intervals. The unit uses full power of 50 Amps for 30 seconds for the initial heating of washer fluid to predetermined temperature limits, and minimal power thereafter to keep it within that temperature range. On average the unit’s power consumption is less than 2 Amps per hour making it both powerful and energy-efficient.

Improves Wiper Blade Performance and Lifespan

Your vehicle’s wiper blade effectiveness and longevity can be significantly improved by using the Heatshot heated fluid windshield wash system. Ice and frost are formed by moister turning into crystals. As these crystals form on your vehicle’s windshield they create thousands of sharp edges that can be damaging to rubber wiper blades as they are dragged across them, especially if this is done for extended periods of time. However, the heated fluid that the Heatshot unit sprays out starts melting ice and breaking down other buildup on contact, reducing the number of sharp edges wiper blades are drawn across, prolonging their lifespan and saving you money.

Promotes Broader Nozzel Spray

Although the primary purpose of the heated wash technology is immediate clarity of your windshield, the heated wiper fluid can also improve the efficiency of washer nozzles overall by clearing particles of ice and dirt from their supply tubing and exposed tips. Most of today’s vehicles use spray nozzles at the end of their wash/wipe systems. These nozzles are designed to oscillate fluid to produce large fan like coverage on the windshield for superior cleaning, but cold temperatures can thicken washer fluid and dirt can clog at the ends of exposed nozzles, resulting in a weak narrow spray. Heated to 125° – 135°F the fluid that the Heatshot unit puts out each time you use wiper fluid clears blockages in your wiper system’s tubing, ensuring that this is never a problem again.

Key Features

  • The most effective windshield washer fluid heating system available, the Heatshot heated fluid windshield wash system dramatically improves the performance of your vehicle’s existing windshield washer system.
  • Heats your washer fluid to 125° – 135° degrees Fahrenheit before spraying for fast, efficient clearing away and cleaning of debris by wipers.
  • Eases the removal of everything from frost, ice and snow, to bugs, grime, road oil, streaks, bird droppings and glare, making it a valuable onboard option anytime of the year.
    Heated fluid helps unblock clogged wiper spray nozzles, ensuring consistent maximum spray distance and volume.
  • Heated wash removal of hard, course debris like ice and caked on bugs minimizes unnecessary wear on windshield wipers, extending their lives and saving you money.
  • Designed for easy DIY installation and powered using minimal energy supplied through a direct connection to your vehicle battery.
  • Safe for all types of windshield glass and the environment. Read more here.
  • The Heatshot heated fluid windshield wash system is backed by a 1-year limited warranty.

Whats in the Box

1-Heatshot heated fluid windshield wash system, 1-installation manual, 1-installation bracket, 1-red power cable with 60 amp inline fuse, 1-black power cables (ground and attached to unit), 8-cable ties, 6-self tapping screws, 2-hose splicers, 48-inches of rubber tube to connect the unit to the washer system.